Frank’s & Bean’s

Yippee!! A WAY healthier version of an old classic loved by kids (and parents) of all ages!!! Yes folks, I have the easiest recipe that I guarantee even the pickiest of tots will devour.

Applegate Farms Beef, Turkey or Chicken Hot Dogs
(or similar quality – Nitrate and preservative free, no fillers, uncured)
Organic BBQ sauce – make sure sugar or corn syrup is not one of the first 3 ingredients
Dried Red Kidney Beans – soaked overnight, rinsed then boiled until tender but not mushy
Pre-washed Baby Spinach or Baby Kales – chopped finely so they cant notice it!!

When ready to serve:
Add baby greens and the desired amount of COOKED kidney beans to a saucepot, cover them in chicken stock over low heat. Let the beans simmer in the stock for about 8 – 10 minutes. Cut up the number of Hot dogs you want to serve and add into the simmering beans. Squeeze in some BBQ sauce, enough to coat the beans and dogs and stir. Heat for another minute or two and serve!!

My son loved this with a slice of multigrain bread and didn’t even notice I snuck in a veggie!
He actually joined us for dinner for a whole 15 minutes, SUCCESS!!!

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Z100 & some serious pancakes

Here is the recipe for the shake to pancakes recipe I made for the Z100 – Elvis Duran crew this morning. I love Carolina Bermudez who invited me initially and I had so much fun with my BFF(who I made my assistant/kitchen bitch up in the studio), Isabel Bryan – Founder of BEE best.event.ever. The shake was something I drink and give my toddler all the time for morning protein and Omegas and I add flour and eggs to turn it into a pancake batter that holds in the fridge for a few days. Its so healthy and if you keep the portions small its a great start to the day. I found some fresh Strawberries at the farmer’s market this weekend that were soo sweet for this early in the year.

1 cup Organic Buckwheat flour – should be ultra fine (gluten free flours work well, Rice – Quinoa)
1 egg
1 tble spoon agave syrup
1 cup milk (whatever kind you like)
2 tblspoons of Almond or peanut butter (optional – but love the nutty flavor they lend)
1/4 ground flax seeds
1/4 cup rolled oats
1 or 2 bananas
Blend all ingredients until mixed together smoothly. A hand blender is ideal and easy to clean up. Adjust consistency with milk and flour as necessary.
A griddle pan is best and the double sided portable kind (such as, a panini press with flat griddle plates) will cook and crisp both sides evenly. Griddle should be nice and hot and only lightly oiled with a brush of canola or grape seed oil or whole butter. This recipe suits any size – silver dollar to sunday morning huge…
For Topping – you can drizzle puree with fresh fruit puree, top with fresh berries or chopped fruit or mix together some light, PURE maple syrup with a touch of blue or dark AGAVE nectar.
You can play around with different ingredients in this mix like seasonal fruits, soy milk, etc… DELISH! and a great way to start the day.

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Two heads are better than one

Started the laundry and before I put the detergent in I was off doing 5 other things.  Two hours later I finally remember I started doing the laundry.  Left open milk on the counter, started an email, made a phone call and answered a few texts, went back to the milk, sent a tweet, walked the dog, checked on the babe, finally finished the email, started making lunch, answered a phone call, looking on facebook, totally forgot I had started making lunch and didn’t finish making it… don’t eat until I remember 30 minutes later that I was going to eat at all………….you get it, right.  I’m not just busy, people.  I HAVE LOST MY MIND (and memory)  Some people call it mommy brain and admittedly I have tried to use that one once or twice myself.  But the truth of it is that I have developed a delayed form of ADD and I completely forget things I was doing 5 MINUTES before.  I have also lost all control of time management, organization and social skills.  If you too suffer from these symptoms feel free to comment!!  NEW MOM SYNDROME, my butt!

Few more thoughts…..I love the word Mother@!%*!r but I enjoy it even more when mimicking Hank Moody from Californication.  Since I’m keeping this “PG” I won’t include an audio.

Now the important stuff:
Babies and toddlers do not eat well when they are teething so don’t even sweat it.  Do the best you can to get them what they need.  ie: he wasn’t eating so I juiced some kale, spinach, orange, apple and carrot, a rainbow.  He sucked it down and I wasn’t a wreck because he was not getting his nutrients!  They also love crunchy, cool things that will feel good on their aching gums. Cut up strawberries work well…

This crazy blog post brought to you by the slice of ice cream cake with the crunchies (tradition) in the center given to me after 7pm!! It’s my birthday. The only thing I really want is 5 hours of consecutive sleep…zzzzzzz

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Get your Goat

My son doesnt drink cow’s milk! Month’s ago, when he stopped breast feeding I started him on fresh Goat’s Milk! Why you say??? baaaahhh!  Sounds a little out there but it is my belief that all babies have sensitive tummies (even the ones that are not colichy) and for the first few years of growth and development it just makes more sense to introduce the more easily digestable goat’s milk.   I chose to slowly and sparingly incorporate cow’s milk products like cheese and yogurt.   Isn’t it obvious that SO MANY babies do not bode well with formula derived from cow’s milk??people!! Listen to the whisper…  Although everything we read says full fat and saturated fat is important as children grow and I agree,  you have to make good choices as a parent.   Choose nutrient rich foods with good fat & cholesterol from healthier sources.   Kids don’t need a ton of dairy, none of us do.  Yet most mom’s give their children as much dairy as they do their daily vegetables!!  I don’t agree with this model.  Little tummies can’t digest the protein and benefit from a balanced diet rather then one focused on high Calcium and too much dairy.   This is a great article on the subject that every parent should read =)

You can find Goat’s milk in all of the better supermarkets/health food stores and if you only have a chain store like Waldbaum’s close by, if you ask the dairy manager he will more then likely order and carry it for you regularly.

On another note,  I think the strong flavor of the goat’s milk – which he does not have that much of – contributes to an amazing palate because my guy eats just about EVERYTHING!

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Public Enemy #1

It is UNBELIEVABLY difficult for me to keep my mouth shut in the supermarket when I watch what some parents feed there children.   I mean sugar cereal,  juice loaded with sugar, white bread, processed frozen foods….WHY??!!  But even many of the items we THINK are good need a closer look.   I mean our kids are completely dependent on us educating ourselves about the foods we eat and feed our families. I truly believe that too much SUGAR in anyone’s diet is lethal but in a child’s diet it can slow down brain function, attention span, good rest habits, growth and the list goes on. It is refined and processed and we get enough of it from natural products like fresh fruits & juice. Every child should have TWO pieces of fresh fruit EVERY DAY. And the fun part is the seasons change and so the seasonal fruit, so they never get bored!! I am certainly learning first hand that the younger we start this habit the easier it will be for your child to carry it through life. It hasn’t been always a “go” on the first attempt,  but my son now will eat ANY fruit or vegetable I put in front of him. You have to be diligent!!
As far as packaged, bagged or jarred products, please don’t buy them jelly loaded with sugar ( I know PB& J is a good go-to for many mom’s) . They make amazing Jams sweetened with Apple Juice. Read and educate yourself; know what is in your children’s foods! Even whole wheat bread is often sweetened with refined sugar. blech!


Chopped Baby Spinach and Goat Cheese Scrambled Eggs
An open-faced sandwich on Organic Spelt Bread with Roasted Chicken (from last nights dinner) with avocado and seamed sweet potato slices (steamed w/ skin on)
Blueberries, banana’s and Purely O’s (1gr sugar) I alternate the yogurt every other day since he still drinks some goats milk and doesn’t need that much dairy.
Salmon burger (I made in 2 seconds in the food processor) or purchased from local fish market. KIDS LOVE THIS!!! with steamed broccoli florets and carrots

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It’s that time of year again……..TOP CHEF the tour 2012.    Where many of your favorite chef’s go on the road and compete in a live quick fire challenge.  And the best part is YOU get to taste the food and help the judges pick the winner!  Were chef”s and we know how to have a good time!!   The tickets are FREE!!!  I will be in Charlotte, NC on May 17, going head to head against Season 6 Chili Pepper, Hector Santiago!!  And I cant wait for a rematch since we tied last year in St. Louis.  And btw – see May 2nd post….I am the consulting chef for the tour and oh what fun it is trying to get shopping list from these famous chef’s!!!!


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40 Never

YUP,  I am rapidly approaching the big one.  F-o-r-t-y.  Hard to say it.  I’m always looking for the super food, wonder fruit, whatever will keep me young.  Funny, a birthday never mattered to me before this one. Not 18 when I became legal, not 21 when I was really legal and not even 30 when I thought I had it all down. What’s funny is what matters now.  Are my butt and boobs sagging? Is my skin starting to wrinkle? Have I accomplished enough? Can I have another baby? And the list goes on and on.   All the sudden I need  Xanex and I am obsessing,  even more than I normally do,  about diet and exercise.   I have to try harder at EVERYTHING & put in way more effort towards my looks and my memory.  A bit frightning, shocking, disturbing. Needless to say I haven’t embraced it yet. Maybe I will when I reach my physical & professional goals this year.  I always imagined in my head that I would be one of those hot mom’s all my son’s friends lusted after.
On that note, imagining being 60 at his 21st birthday is enough to motivate me to stay on my game for the next 20 years.  The clock is-a- ticking. And I intend to be 40 and fabulous!  Right now I need to go chase my toddler down to get him to eat another bite of this glorious meal I made him.  And that’s going to take all the energy I have for the moment :)

His Dinner: Farro with pulled roasted Chicken, Cauliflower, chopped Spinach and English Peas.   I make everything ahead of time and just warm it altogether with a little low Sodium Organic Chicken stock.  Kids LOVE Farro which is a type of wheat and a GREAT whole grain for your family.  Its hearty enough for soups and stews and I often make it in the style of Risotto, slowly and lovingly stirring in hot broth until it’s soft enough for my son to enjoy but still a bit al dente for mommy!

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